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About Me...

My interest in paranormal stories began early in my childhood through popular TV shows of the time. I would host mock ghost hunts in my room with a toy voice recorder, mimicking what the pro's did on TV in my attempts to communicate with the dead. When I began ghost hunting more legitimately in 2016, I knew I wanted to be different than a bulk of the content I consumed, which seemed to center on demons, possession, and pushing unduly fear-based stories to the extreme. Accuracy, empathy, and authenticity was lacking in a lot of paranormal story telling I witnessed, so I do my best to bring these to the table. I want to emphasize the elements of wonder and curiosity that I feel with these subjects, and inspire others to feel this same way when they find themselves face-to-face with the unexplained.


On top of ghost hunting, I co-created and co-host on the Ghouls Trip paranormal podcast, and I have a small solo podcast My Peculiar Life. I have writings that have been featured in multiple publications of The Feminine Macabre by Amanda R. Woomer, (a.k.a. Spook-Eatscovering a variety of topics: scientific theories on the paranormal, the history of vampire lore, and dissecting "Woman in White" legends. On occasion, I submit smaller writings and personal paranormal encounters of mine to zines. Recently, I was featured in volumes #18 and #19 of the Ghostwatch Zine and have a published poem in issue #6 of the Myth & Lore zine.

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